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Manage and increase quotas for resources with Microsoft Purview

This article highlights the limits that currently exist in the Microsoft Purview service. These limits are also known as quotas.

Microsoft Purview limits

Resource Default Limit Maximum Limit
Microsoft Purview accounts per region, per tenant (all subscriptions combined) 3* (dependent) Contact Support
Data Map throughput^
There's no default limit on the data map metadata storage
10 capacity units
250 operations per second
100 capacity units
2,500 operations per second
vCores available for scanning, per account** 160 160
Concurrent scans per Purview account. The limit is based on the type of data sources scanned* 5 10
Maximum time that a scan can run for 7 days 7 days
Size of assets per account 100M physical assets Contact Support
Maximum size of an asset in a catalog 2 MB 2 MB
Maximum length of an asset name and classification name 4 KB 4 KB
Maximum length of asset property name and value 32 KB 32 KB
Maximum length of classification attribute name and value 32 KB 32 KB
Maximum number of glossary terms, per glossary 100K 100K
Maximum number of self-service policies, per account 3K 3K
Maximum number of collections 256 256

* Accounts limit is dependent on your organization. For full information, see the FAQ.

** Self-hosted integration runtime scenarios aren't included in the limits defined in the above table.

^ Increasing the data map throughput limit also increases the minimum number of capacity units with no usage. TO increase data map throughput, you can request a capacity unitl upgrade. See Data Map throughput for more info about the elastic data map in general.

Request quota increase

Use the following steps to create a new support request from the Azure portal to increase quota for Microsoft Purview. You can create a quota request for Microsoft Purview accounts in a subscription or tenant (dependent on your organization), and the data map throughput (capacity units) of a specific account.


Once you have upgraded your data map throughput, you can't downgrade.

  1. On the Azure portal menu, select Help + support.

    Screenshot showing how to navigate to help and support

  2. In Help + support, select New support request.

    Screenshot showing how to create new support request

  3. For Issue type, select Service and subscription limits (quotas).

  4. For Subscription, select the subscription whose quota you want to increase.

  5. For Quota type, select Microsoft Purview. Then select Next.

    Screenshot showing how to enter support information

  6. In the Details window, select Enter details to enter additional information.

  7. Choose your Quota type, scope (either location or account) and what you wish the new limit to be

    Screenshot showing how to enter quota amount for Microsoft Purview accounts per subscription

  8. Enter the rest of the required support information. Review and create the support request

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