Trading Partner Management Using BizTalk Server

Introduction to TPM

The BizTalk Server Trading Partner Management (TPM) rebuilds the fundamental concepts around how to manage and store information about partners and their business. The enhanced TPM solution reflects the business entities and relationships in the field, thereby enabling organizations to better manage your business partnerships with trading partners. For more information on how the TPM solution models trading partnerships in a BizTalk environment, see Building Blocks of a Trading Partner Management Solution.

BizTalk Server includes native support for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data exchange and AS2 data transport. This support enables businesses to extend their EDI-based business process management solutions, taking advantage of the productivity improvements that the automated exchange of EDI transactions provides. BizTalk Server provides these businesses with the means to more securely and reliably connect partners to critical supply-chain business processes using EDI and EDIINT/AS2.

The TPM solution coupled with the EDI and AS2 support provide a robust and scalable solution for managing trading partners in BizTalk Server. The topics in this section, and other topics listed below, provide a high-level overview of TPM and how to use TPM to manage trading partners. The topics also provide description of how BizTalk Server performs EDI and AS2 processing.

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