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Restore to a point-in-time

Applies to: SQL Server

This article demonstrates how to restore a database to a point-in-time as a new database on the same instance of SQL Server enabled by Azure Arc.

The new database is restored from backup to a point-in-time in the past that is within the retention period.


As a preview feature, the technology presented in this article is subject to Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

The latest updates are available in the Release notes - SQL Server enabled by Azure Arc.


Before you can restore a database to a point-in-time with the instructions in this article, you have to enable automatic backups. For instructions, see Manage automated backups - SQL Server enabled by Azure Arc.

Automated backups are disabled by default.


To restore to a point-in-time from Azure portal:

  1. Browse to the Arc-enabled SQL Server

  2. Select Backups

  3. Among the list of databases on the right pane, select Restore for the database you want to restore.

    Azure portal guides you through the instructions to create a database with the selected database as the source database.

  4. Provide details such as the point-in-time to restore to, and the name for the new database.

  5. Proceed through the wizard to submit the restore deployment