Getting Started with Windows IoT Enterprise

This article will give you an overview of the product and guide you through how to get started with Windows IoT Enterprise.

What is Windows IoT Enterprise?

Windows IoT Enterprise is a full version of Windows Enterprise that delivers enterprise manageability and security to IoT solutions. Windows IoT Enterprise shares all the benefits of the worldwide Windows ecosystem. It is a binary equivalent to Windows Enterprise, so you can use the same familiar development and management tools as client PCs and laptops. However, when it comes to licensing and distribution, the desktop version and IoT versions differ. To learn more about current releases, see Release History.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers both Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) and General Availability Channel (GAC) options, and OEMs can choose the one they need for their devices. At this time Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is only available as an annual release. For more information on how to reach out to a Windows IoT Distributor or how to purchase a license, review Licensing & Usage.

Why Do Customers Choose Windows IoT Enterprise?

There are three main reasons why customers choose to develop with Windows IoT Enterprise:

  1. Productive - Leverage existing knowledge to build and manage Windows IoT Enterprise devices with powerful tools and technologies to quickly unlock data and drive digital transformation.
  2. Trusted - Windows IoT Enterprise helps you build IoT solutions that you can trust, keeping your devices, data, and identities secure and giving you peace of mind.
  3. Smart - Windows IoT Enterprise helps you connect your devices to each other, your network, and the cloud, so you can use data to drive real business insight and create new business opportunities


If you are building any kind of OEM style appliance, such as a point-of-sale or retail device, industrial automation equipment, digital signage, medical equipment or any appliance with a screen, Windows IoT Enterprise is the solution for you.

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Documentation Overview

This documentation set will cover the technical breakdown of what's included when you choose to use Windows IoT Enterprise.

Hardware Guidance

This section provides insight into the hardware needed to run Windows IoT Enterprise as your device's OS.

Articles include:

Quickstart Tutorials

This section provides quick tutorials on how to get started with Windows IoT Enterprise.

Articles include:

Kiosk Mode

This section walks users through the features and functionalities of Kiosk Mode and how to enable those features on Windows IoT Enterprise.

Articles include:

Advanced Lockdown Features

This section highlights how to create a lock-down environment with Windows IoT Enterprise OS features.

Articles include:

Branding Features

This section reviews how to create a custom user-experience that highlights your brand. Articles include:

Device Management

Learn more about the device management solutions you can take advantage of with Windows IoT Enterprise.

Articles include:

IoT Device Features

This section gives an overview of many of the built-in functionalities of Windows IoT Enterprise devices.

Articles include:

Device Optimization

This section provides insight into how OEMs can optimize their devices for manufacturing and production.

Articles include:


Learn how to commercialize your Windows IoT Enterprise devices.

Articles include:

Soft Real-Time

Learn how to use Soft Real-Time capabilities with your Windows IoT Enterprise devices.

Additional Resources

These resources provide additional information and support to our customers and partners.

Articles include: