Task Scheduler Enumerated Types

Describes the enumerated types that define the constants that are used by the Task Scheduler APIs.

The following enumerated types are introduced in Task Scheduler 2.0.

Enumeration Description
TASK_ACTION_TYPE Defines the type of actions that a task can perform.
TASK_COMPATIBILITY Defines what versions of Task Scheduler or the AT command that the task is compatible with.
TASK_CREATION Defines how the Task Scheduler service creates, updates, or disables the task.
TASK_ENUM_FLAGS Defines how the Task Scheduler enumerates through registered tasks.
TASK_INSTANCES_POLICY Defines how the Task Scheduler handles existing instances of the task when it starts a new instance of the task.
TASK_LOGON TYPE Defines what logon technique is required to run a task.
TASK_PROCESSTOKENSID TYPE Defines the types of process SID that can used by tasks.
TASK_RUN_FLAGS Defines how a task is run.
TASK_RUNLEVEL_TYPE Defines LUA elevation flags that specify with what privilege level the task will be run.
TASK_SESSION_STATE_CHANGE_TYPE Defines what kinds of Terminal Server session state change you can use to trigger a task to start.
TASK_STATE Defines the different states that a registered task can be in.
TASK_TRIGGER_TYPE2 Defines the type of triggers that can be used by tasks.



The Task Scheduler 1.0 enumerations are available only in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. They are deprecated as of Windows Vista and may be removed completely in the future. Please use the Task Scheduler 2.0 enumerations listed above instead.


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