Payment options for your Microsoft business subscription

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You can use a credit or debit card, or bank account to pay for your Microsoft business subscription. For qualifying customers, you can pay by invoice via wire transfer. If you have a billing profile, your options are slightly different. For more information, see How to pay for your subscription with a billing profile. If you're not sure if your account has a billing profile, see Understand billing profiles.

Just want to find out where to send your invoice payment? If you currently pay your invoice by wire transfer, see Where do I send my wire transfer payment?


  • As of April 1, 2023, we no longer accept checks as a payment method for subscriptions paid by invoice. Pay by check is no longer available as a payment option, and check payment instructions have been removed from invoices. You can still pay for your invoice by wire transfer. See your invoice for wire transfer payment information. If you're an existing customer who currently pays by check, you have until September 30, 2023 to change to paying by wire transfer, and avoid possible service disruption.
  • As of January 26, 2021, new bank accounts are no longer supported for customers in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and the United States. If you're an existing customer in one of those countries/regions, you can continue paying for your subscription with an existing bank account that is in good standing. However, you can't add new subscriptions to the bank account.


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Before you begin

  • You must be a Global or Billing admin to do the steps described in this article. For more information, see About admin roles.
  • The payment method that you choose during checkout is the payment method that we use for all future billing periods. You can change it at any time.

Directives from the Reserve Bank of India

Currently, some credit card transactions, especially transactions exceeding 5,000 INR, are blocked due to a directive by the Reserve Bank of India. This might affect automatic payments, which means that you might have to make payments manually in the Microsoft 365 admin center. This directive doesn't affect usage charges.

Learn more about the Reserve Bank of India directive for recurring payments.

As of September 30, 2022, Microsoft and other online merchants no longer store credit card information. Microsoft has removed all stored card details from the admin center. To avoid service interruption, you must add and verify a payment method for all subscriptions.

Learn about the Reserve Bank of India directive for card storage.


Because of the removal of credit card information, when you view your list of payment methods, the Expiration Date and Status columns only say "Unknown."

UPI and NetBanking payment options

The admin center supports two alternate payment options for customers in India:

  • UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payment is a real-time payment method.
  • NetBanking (Internet Banking) provides customers with access to banking services on an online platform.


UPI and NetBanking are only supported for one-time transactions for existing customers only.

How do I make a payment with UPI or NetBanking?

  1. If you're a returning customer, when you make a payment, select UPI / NetBanking from the Payment method drop-down list, then select Make payment.
  2. You're redirected to the payment partner, BillDesk, where you choose UPI or NetBanking for your payment method.
  3. Follow the instructions in BillDesk to complete the transaction.

After you submit the payment, allow time for the payment to appear in the admin center.

How am I refunded if I made a payment with UPI or NetBanking?

Refunds are treated as a regular charge and are refunded to your bank account.

Paying by credit or debit card, or bank account


Paying by bank account is not available in some countries or regions.

You can pay for your subscription with a credit or debit card, or a bank account. When you pay with one of these payment methods, we continue to charge that payment method until the subscription expires, or is canceled. You can manage payment methods whenever you need to. You can also choose to receive your organization's invoices as email attachments.

Paying by invoice

If you're a new customer, paying by invoice isn't available as a payment method. However, you can buy subscriptions with a credit or debit card or through a partner or reseller.

If you're an existing customer, and you meet the eligibility requirements described below, you can contact support to help you change a current subscription to be paid by invoice. If you want to buy a new subscription, and you meet the eligibility requirements, you might be approved to change your payment method to pay by invoice. Contact support to find out if you can pay by invoice, and to help you buy a new subscription using the pay by invoice option.

Eligibility requirements. To be eligible to pay by invoice, you must:

  • Be an established customer for at least six months and have no outstanding balances
  • Have a subscription cost that exceeds a certain amount (this amount varies by service location)
  • Pass a credit check


Customers who live in Brazil can pay for a subscription with a Boleto Bancario. If you have selected this option, the billet for payment is sent to the email provided during subscription purchase within 10 working days after the order date. The due date is 30 days after the order date. If you don't receive your Boleto by email, check your spam folder or contact support.

If you prefer, you can pay by electronic transfer between accounts. The Agency and account number are at the bottom of your invoice. You must enter your invoice number in the Transfer identification field.

If you pay by invoice for your subscription, you get an email when your billing statement is ready to view. This email doesn't contain a copy of your billing statement. However, you can choose to receive your organization's invoices as email attachments. Your billing statement includes details about your options for making a payment, and where to send it. If you enter a purchase order (PO) number when you buy a subscription, the number appears on your billing statement. For information about accessing billing statements, see View your bill or invoice.

What if I have an outstanding balance?

If we're unable to charge the payment method on file, we send an email that lets you know there's a problem. The email briefly states what the problem is and includes a link where you can check the outstanding balance. We continue to retry the transaction every few days for 30 days, during which time the subscription is in a grace period. Every time a transaction fails, you receive an email alert about the failure.

If you personally added the payment method that has a past due amount, you can use Settle balance to make a payment. The payment method that you use to pay the overdue amount becomes the new payment method for all subscriptions that used the declined payment method.

  1. In the admin center, go to the Billing > Bills & payments page, then select the Payment methods tab.
  2. A warning message says which payment method was declined. Select Settle balance.
  3. In the right pane, choose a different payment method, or select Add a new payment method.
  4. After you've updated the payment method information, select Save.

If you didn't add the payment method used to pay for the subscription, you must replace the payment method with one you previously added, or with a new one.

Where do I send my wire transfer payment?

Check your invoice for payment instructions for your country or region. If you're not sure how much you owe, you can check your bill and billing history online on the Invoices tab of the Bills & payments page.


If you must pay the membership fee for the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) program (Action Pack subscription, Silver or Gold competencies), see Pay competency fees for information about how to make an MPN payment.

Wire transfer payment processing time

Payments made by wire transfer have processing times that vary, depending on the type of transfer:

  • ACH domestic transfers - Five business days. Two to three days to arrive, plus two days to post.
  • Wire transfer (domestic) - Four business days. Two days to arrive, plus two days to post.
  • Wire transfer (international) - Seven business days. Five days to arrive, plus two days to post.

If your account is approved for payment by wire transfer, the instructions for payment are on the invoice.

Can I pay my invoice online?

You can't pay your invoice online. You must remit payment via wire transfer.

Can I change from my current payment method to paying by invoice?

You can only change to paying by invoice if you meet the eligibility requirements described in the Paying by invoice section above. You must first pay any outstanding balance on the credit or debit card or bank account before you can change to paying by invoice. Contact support to see if you can change to paying by invoice.

Can I change from paying by invoice to using a different payment method?

You can't automatically change from paying by invoice to paying with a different payment method. Instead, you must buy a different subscription paid for with a credit or debit card or bank account, move all users to the new subscription, and then cancel the old subscription.

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