Bing Ads API Concepts

Get details about Bing Ads API service operations, geographical location codes, and error codes.

Topic Description
Ad Languages Lists the available languages that you may use to write your ads and keywords for each country/region.
Countdown Customizers Countdown customizers let you easily add a countdown -- by day, hour, and then minute -- to an event in dynamic search ads and expanded text ads. The countdown, which automatically updates as the event draws nearer, is eye-catching and gives potential customers greater incentive to click your ad.
Currencies Contains a list of available currencies for Microsoft Advertising advertising accounts.
Editorial Reason Codes Defines the reason codes of why an ad, keyword, or ad extension failed editorial review.
Entity Limits Defines system limits for entities within an account.
Geographical Location Codes Contains information about the country/region, state/province/territory, metro area (Microsoft Market Area in the United States), and city codes that you can target or exclude.
Handling Service Errors and Exceptions Review suggestions for error handling and troubleshooting your application.
Operation Error Codes Lists the Bing Ads API error codes.
Profile Data Learn how to get profile data e.g., identifiers that are required to target by audience profile.
Services Protocol Review requirements and best practices for using Bing Ads API efficiently.
Show Ads to Your Target Audience Target your ads to display to users of a certain age group, display on certain days of the week, or display to users in a particular geographical area.
Time Zones Lists the possible time zone values.
URL Tracking with Upgraded URLs URL tracking allows you to find out how people got to your website by adding tracking parameters in Microsoft Advertising and then using a third-party tracking tool or service to analyze the data. When an ad is served, the tracking parameters are dynamically appended to your landing page URL. This landing page URL is recorded on your web server and then a third-party tracking tool, like Adobe or Google Analytics, can interpret the data.

If you have set up tracking in Microsoft Advertising by adding URL parameters to your destination URLs, you will be interested in Upgraded URLs. Upgraded URLs separate the landing page URL from the tracking or URL parameters so if you want to edit your URL parameters, your ad doesn't have to go through another editorial review. It also allows you to define a separate mobile landing page URL if you have a website that is optimized for smaller devices.
Web Service Addresses The web service addresses for Bing Ads API Version 13.

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