CGopherFileFind Class

Aids in Internet file searches of gopher servers.


The classes CGopherConnection, CGopherFile, CGopherFileFind, CGopherLocator and their members have been deprecated because they do not work on the Windows XP platform, but they will continue to work on earlier platforms.

class CGopherFileFind : public CFileFind


CGopherFileFind includes member functions that begin a search, locate a file, and return a file's URL.

Other MFC classes designed for Internet and local file searched include CFtpFileFind and CFileFind. Together with CGopherFileFind, these classes provide a seamless mechanism for the user to find specific files, regardless of the server protocol, file type, or location (either a local machine or a remote server.) Note that there is no MFC class for searching on HTTP servers because HTTP does not support the direct file manipulation required by searches.


CGopherFileFind does not support the following member functions of its base class CFileFind:

In addition, when used with CGopherFileFind, the CFileFind member function IsDots is always FALSE.

For more information about how to use CGopherFileFind and the other WinInet classes, see the article Internet Programming with WinInet.


Header: afxinet.h

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