Uninstallation rules

The Uninstallation Rules page will run a set of rules to ensure that the Setup operation can complete sucessfully.


The following table describes check parameters for the System Configuration Checker, requirements, and resolution to blocking issues:

Check item


User action


Checks if the SQL Server registry keys are consistent.

SQL Server registry keys must be consistent to support SQL Server installation or upgrade.


Checks whether the computer meets minimum operating system version requirements.

Ensure that the operating system version meets the minimum requirements for this product.


Checks if a pending computer restart is required. A pending restart can cause Setup to fail.

A computer restart is required. You must restart this computer before installing SQL Server.


Checks whether the account that is running SQL Server Setup has administrative privileges on the computer.

Ensure that the account running SQL Server Setup has administrative privileges on the computer.


Checks whether the WMI service is started and running on the computer.

Ensure that the WMI service is running.


Checks whether the CPU architecture of the features you are trying to remove is different from the CPU architecture of this installation program.

Setup architecture must be the same as that of the instance of SQL Server that you are uninstalling.

Additional Rule topics

See the follwing topics for scenario-specific Setup rules: