Try Azure Test Plans for free

Azure DevOps Services

Basic users have full access to Azure Test Plans during the 30-day trial. After the trial expires, buy Basic + Test Plans and assign it to specific users, so they can keep using the service. For more information about Azure Test Plans, see What is Azure Test Plans.


To estimate costs for Azure DevOps, see the Pricing calculator or the Azure DevOps pricing page.


You must be a member of the Project Collection Administrators group. Organization owners are automatically members of this group.

Try Azure Test Plans

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Choose gear icon Organization settings.

    Screenshot showing highlighted Organization settings button.

  3. Choose Billing.

    Screenshot showing highlighted Billing selection in Organization settings.

  4. Select Start free trial.

    Screenshot showing highlighted link to "Start free trial".

  5. Select Start free trial.

    Screenshot showing the "Start free trial" button.

  6. Assign users Basic + Test Plans, so they can access Test Plans during the trial.

For more information about using Azure Test Plans, see Navigate Test Plans.

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