ProtocolType Enum


Specifies the protocols that the Socket class supports.

public enum class ProtocolType
public enum ProtocolType
type ProtocolType = 
Public Enum ProtocolType


Ggp 3

Gateway To Gateway Protocol.

Icmp 1

Internet Control Message Protocol.

IcmpV6 58

Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6.

Idp 22

Internet Datagram Protocol.

Igmp 2

Internet Group Management Protocol.

IP 0

Internet Protocol.

IPSecAuthenticationHeader 51

IPv6 Authentication header. For details, see RFC 2292 section 2.2.1, available at

IPSecEncapsulatingSecurityPayload 50

IPv6 Encapsulating Security Payload header.

IPv4 4

Internet Protocol version 4.

IPv6 41

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

IPv6DestinationOptions 60

IPv6 Destination Options header.

IPv6FragmentHeader 44

IPv6 Fragment header.

IPv6HopByHopOptions 0

IPv6 Hop by Hop Options header.

IPv6NoNextHeader 59

IPv6 No next header.

IPv6RoutingHeader 43

IPv6 Routing header.

Ipx 1000

Internet Packet Exchange Protocol.

ND 77

Net Disk Protocol (unofficial).

Pup 12

PARC Universal Packet Protocol.

Raw 255

Raw IP packet protocol.

Spx 1256

Sequenced Packet Exchange protocol.

SpxII 1257

Sequenced Packet Exchange version 2 protocol.

Tcp 6

Transmission Control Protocol.

Udp 17

User Datagram Protocol.

Unknown -1

Unknown protocol.

Unspecified 0

Unspecified protocol.


The Socket class uses the ProtocolType enumeration to inform the Windows Sockets API of the requested protocol. Low-level driver software for the requested protocol must be present on the computer for the Socket to be created successfully.

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