Microsoft Store Access

You have the option to decide how much access you would like your users to have when it comes to opening the Microsoft Store on Windows IoT Enterprise. Access to the Microsoft store can be blocked or modified achieve a desired customer experience or meet an organization's policy. You can use AppLocker or Group Policy to configure access to Microsoft Store.


The Long-Term-Servicing Channel (LTSC) has the store service for updating preinstalled apps, but does not include the Store UI for browsing apps. The Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) has both the store service and UI.

Block Microsoft Store using AppLocker

AppLocker provides policy-based access control management for applications. You can block access to Microsoft Store app with AppLocker by creating a rule for packaged apps. You'll give the name of the Microsoft Store app as the packaged app that you want to block from client computers.

Block Microsoft Store using Group Policy

You can also use Group Policy to manage access to Microsoft Store.

Block Microsoft Store using configuration service provider

If you have Windows IoT Enterprise devices in your organization that are managed using a mobile device management (MDM) system, such as Microsoft Intune, you can block access to Microsoft Store app using the following configuration service providers (CSPs):

For more information, see Configure an MDM provider.

Show private store only using Group Policy

If you're using Microsoft Store for Business and you want employees to only see apps you're managing in your private store, you can use Group Policy to show only the private store. Microsoft Store app will still be available, but employees can't view or purchase apps. Employees can view and install apps that the admin has added to your organization's private store.

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