Build apps through conversation

Create Power Apps with the help of Copilot. Describe the app that you want to build, and AI will design it for you.

With the Copilot feature in Power Apps, you get in-app guidance using natural language processing to help you build your app.

Copilot is available from the Power Apps home screen. You can tell Copilot what kind of information you want to collect, track, or show and the assistant will generate a Dataverse table and use it to build your canvas app.

Tell the AI assistant the information you want to track in your app.


Step 1: Create an app with the help of AI

To help you get started, let's build an app to track housekeeping tasks for a hotel.

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. In the text box, enter hotel housekeeping.

    Describle your app.

  3. A Dataverse table with data that includes typical hotel housekeeping tasks is created for you.

Step 2: Review the table for your app

Based on what you described, AI generates a table for your app. You can take the following actions:

  1. Suggestions: These are suggested actions that you can ask the AI assistant to take to help you finalize the table.

  2. View column: Select to view the column name.

  3. Edit table name: View the table name and its properties.

  4. Copilot: Enter text to instruct the AI assistant on how to modify the table, such as remove room type column.

  5. Create app: Select Create app to create an app based on the table or select Cancel to start over.

    Review table for your app.


    If you encounter any issues during the app creation process related to permissions or if you don't have access to Dataverse, a dialog box will appear asking you to create the app in your own environment. You will need to confirm that the table and app can be created in your environment to proceed. In case you don't have a personal developer environment, a new one will be automatically created for you. For more information, see Get your developer environment (preview).

Step 3: Make edits

If you want to make changes, use the Copilot panel to describe what you want to do, and it will make the change for you. Let's ask Copilot to add a column to track cleaning start and end time.

  1. In the Copilot text box enter, Add columns to track start and end time.

  2. Copilot has added two new columns called, Start Time and End Time.

  3. You can continue editing the table by adding features such as room status, change rooms, or set priority levels for each room. When you're ready to create your app, select Create app.

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