Access the Viva Engage admin center

Only users in the following admin roles can access the Viva Engage admin center: Global admin, Engage admin, Answers admin, and corporate communicator. Other employees in your organization can't access it.

In the Viva Engage Teams application, select the ellipses button from the top navigation menu to expose the admin option. Select Admin to go to the Viva Engage admin center.

Screenshot of the entry point into the Viva Engage admin center.

To access the Viva Engage admin center on the web, from the gear icon in the top navigation menu, select Admin center.

Diagram shows how to access Admin center from a browser.

Manage corporate communicators

As a Global admin, Engage admin, or corporate communicator, you can identify and remove users as corporate communicators. On the Setup and configuration tab, select Manage corporate communicators to open the configuration options.

Screenshot of the interface for managing corporate communicators.

Assign a user as a corporate communicator

Select Add user to search for a user by name or email ID. After the assignee is identified and selected as a corporate communicator, they're visible in the list of active corporate communicators in your organization.

Screenshot of the interface for adding corporate communicators.


While assigning a user to this role is a pre-licensed capability, the actions this user can perform depend on the nature of their license, core versus premium.

Corporate communicators can do the following things:

  • Create campaigns
  • Manage campaigns
    • Publish draft campaigns to be Active and viewable to all users in the network.

    • Set Active campaigns to Ended when a campaign is finished.

    • Republish "Ended" campaigns as "Active" again for reoccurring campaigns.

    • Delete campaigns that are not relevant or created by mistake.

    • Update certain assets on a campaign page such as:

      • Goal tracker
      • Cover photo
      • Pinned posts
      • Pinned resources and links
      • Theme colors for the campaign hashtag
      • View campaign analytics
    • Identify leaders

      • Manage their audience

Remove user as a corporate communicator

To remove a user from this role, select the delete icon on the right side of the corporate communicator list. The user won't be listed as an active corporate communicator in your network.

Screenshot of the interface for removing a corporate communicator in Viva Engage.

Configure your tenant

As a Global admin or Engage admin, you're encouraged to set up your Viva Engage enterprise experience for all employees before they start to use the application. This practice helps maintain a consistent experience. Engage admins can navigate to the Setup and configuration tab in the Viva Engage admin center and select Configure tenant.

Screenshot of the interface for configuring the tenant in Viva Engage.

They're then routed to the Yammer admin center, where they can perform the following actions:

  • Configure the network
    • Set the tenant network name
    • Require users to confirm email messages before posting
    • Restrict who can upload files, and limit file formats
    • Allow Tenor GIFs in messages
    • Control how links are displayed
    • Allow message translation
    • Set the default system message language and more
  • Customize the look
  • Manage domains in Office 365
  • Migrate a network to Native Mode, if this isn't already done


Because Viva Engage is power by Yammer technology, configuring the tenant through the Yammer admin center will publish changes to both Yammer and Viva Engage. We are working to bring these configuration options to the Viva Engage admin center as part of our admin roadmap.

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