Category classification prebuilt model

The prebuilt category classification model is a ready to use AI model that's configured to classify your text into categories that are useful for a specific business scenario. The first prebuilt category classification AI model is built around customer feedback uses.

Use in Power Apps

Explore category classification

You can see the category classification prebuilt model in action without the need to build a flow.

  1. Sign in to Power Apps or Power Automate.

  2. On the left pane, select ... More > AI hub.

  3. Under Discover an AI capability, select AI models.

    (Optional) To keep AI models permanently on the menu for easy access, select the pin icon.

  4. Select Category classification - Classify customer feedback into predefined categories.

  5. Select predefined text samples to analyze, select Analyze text to see how the model analyzes your text.

Use the formula bar

You can integrate your AI Builder category classification model in Power Apps Studio by using the formula bar. For more information, see Use Power Fx in AI Builder models in Power Apps (preview).

Use in Power Automate

For information about how to use this prebuilt model in Power Automate, see Use the category classification prebuilt model in Power Automate.

Supported data format and languages

  • Documents can't exceed 5,000 characters.
  • Supported languages:
    • English
    • Chinese-Simplified
    • French
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • Spanish

Supported classification categories

Customer feedback prebuilt model

  • Issues
  • Compliment
  • Customer Service
  • Documentation
  • Price & Billing
  • Staff

Next step

Use the category classification prebuilt model in Power Automate

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