How to configure app to support custom API and microsoft graph API

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I am currently working on React Native app that uses Azure as backend and I am having trouble to call API in azure LogicApp that requires custom scope. We have this scope in "AppRegistration/Expose an API". (

In the mobile app I ask for scopes "openid", "profile", "email", "offline_access". I need to call Microsoft Graph for user information. This is no problem as we added required permissions (User.ReadWrite.All) into AppRegistration/permissions.

  • I can call what I need
  • I get refresh token which I need
    But I cannot call our API due to invalid token (http 401).

So the question is, how to properly setup permissions and scopes in the AppRegistration?

What I have tried:

  • Aadding required scope to mobile application

this cause my other scopes to "disappear". So in my decoded token i can see only this custom scope.
Additionaly I don't receive valid refresh token and I cannot call Microsoft Graph with access token I get.

this way I still couldnt call custom API
I really don't understand why the scopes I ask from mobile app are ignored and why permissions from AppRegistration are not working either when I ask for the custom scope from "Expose an API".

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    Hello @Farkaš, Eduard ml and thanks for reaching out. In order to call an additional API you will need to get an additional access/refresh token set specifically issued for the additional API/resource. I.e. You will need to request and obtain one access token/refresh token pair for MS Graph and one access token for each additional API. You cannot request scopes for multiple API/resources in one single token request.

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