Win 10 Home to 10 Pro upgrade for my company

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IT was suggested on the answers. forum to ask this question over here...

Once upon a time, we had employees buy their own laptops and were reimbursed. All the machines had Win 10, but everyone bought Win 10 Home and not Win 10 Pro. All the Win 10 Home licenses were retail OEM licenses.

Now we have a centralized IT help group and have migrated the entire shop to O365/Azure. We need to upgrade all of these machine (about 30 of them) to Windows 10 Pro so, among other reasons, we can join them to the Azure AD. We want the company to pay for the upgrade (not our users) and want our IT folks to apply it. We want to do this with the least impact on the end users.

I see 10 Home --> 10 Pro upgrade paths, but it seems like the end user has to create a PERSONAL Microsoft account (i.e. cannot use the Azure-related domain), enter a credit card, and upgrade that way. We have a single company credit card our IT people could use to pay for the upgrade, but the credit card information is saved to the PERSONAL Microsoft account -- and the accounting team isn't happy about that.

I have to think there is a better way. I know we can't be the only organization out there with this issue. Can't I just buy 30 Win 10 Pro licenses and use those serial numbers to upgrade the Win 10 Home machines to Win 10 Pro?




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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    For this I'd suggest asking your microsoft reseller for help or ask microsoft directly.

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  2. Jenny Feng 14,071 Reputation points

    @David Miller
    You should be able to upgrade any amount of systems using the Easy Upgrade wizard.

    Click Start > Settings > Update & security > Activation > Store > make your purchase.

    How to Perform an Easy Upgrade in Windows 10

    Ideally, you get an option to set up your account according to your personal use or to set it up for an organization.
    Go to Settings > Accounts > On Your info page, click Access work or school > Connect.
    On the Set up a work or school account dialog, under Alternate actions, choose Join this device to Azure Active Directory.

    Since this is a technical forum and not a licensing one, if you need a definite answer you'd better contact your reseller or a trained Microsoft licensing specialist regarding your licensing questions.

    Hope above information can help you.


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  3. David Miller 41 Reputation points

    JennyFeng, your upgrade advice doesn't work because that's where we get into having the user have to create their own MSFT account with personal information, pay using their own credit card, and then we'd have to reimburse them.

    Perhaps we can attack this a different way.

    How do you join a Windows 10 Home machine to an Azure Active Domain?


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  4. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    How do you join a Windows 10 Home machine to an Azure Active Domain?

    That wouldn't be possible to do.

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