Serverless SQL pool query returns NULL for column values in COSMOS DB documents

Sushanta Swain 1 Reputation point

Hi Team,

I have enabled analytical store for my cosmos DB container and trying to create views for the tables in Serverless SQL pool. When I query via synapse, It returns NULL for some columns.

COSMSOS DB document structure:

"id": "inRiver_1130030",
"type": "Resource",
"_partition": "test",
"_pimdate": "11/11/2022 02:21:02 PM",
"ResourceActive": true,
"ResourceFileId": 459303,
"ResourceFilename": "FIeldMaps_datamart.xml",
"ResourceMimeType": "text/xml",
"ResourceName": "FIeldMaps_datamart.xml",
"ResourceType": "Configuration",
"_rid": "ZZVmAL1xDN1hAAAAAAAAAA==",
"_self": "dbs/ZZVmAA==/colls/ZZVmAL1xDN0=/docs/ZZVmAL1xDN1hAAAAAAAAAA==/",
"_etag": "\"df00790d-0000-0300-0000-636e5a4e0000\"",
"_attachments": "attachments/",
"_ts": 1668176462


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Azure Synapse Analytics
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  1. BhargavaGunnam-MSFT 13,411 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Sushanta Swain ,
    When I query from SQL and PySpark, I am not seeing any null values.
    A similar thread has been discussed here.

    Here is the root cause of the issue:
    If you rename a property, in one or many documents, it will be considered a new column. If you execute the same rename in all documents in the collection, all data will be migrated to the new column and the old column will be represented with NULL values.

    For more details, refer to What is Azure Cosmos DB analytical store

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.




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