Can't deploy MySQL server – Key Vault permissions problem?

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I'm struggling to deploy a MySQL Flexible Server. It's my first attempt to use Azure and I'm finding it far from straightforward. Azure Support couldn't help and suggested I ask here.

Deploying in the Portal fails with the following error:

    "status": "Failed",
    "error": {
        "code": "AzureKeyVaultKeyNotFound",
        "message": "Could not find Azure Key Vault Key with key name ''."


  • The vault and the key exist
  • Is it just a permissions issue?
    • The Managed Identity on the DB Server has Key Vault Secrets User permission on the KV
    • I had the same error with Reader permission
  • I pulled down the Resource Group and started from scratch in case it had become corrupted. Same thing.
  • Trying to do the same thing with CLI instead of Portal, I get 2 different errors

Hope someone can help

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Azure Key Vault
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Azure Database for MySQL
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  1. Konstantinos Passadis 17,456 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @Guy !

    Welcome to Microsoft QnA!

    I see you are having trouble deploying a MySQL Azure Flexible Server

    Did you went through this :

    How are you deploying the Server ?

    Can you please share details ?

    I hope this helps!

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  1. Guy 20 Reputation points

    @Konstantinos Passadis gave me the clue I needed.

    The Security page has an option to create a Managed Identity and a Key Vault. Turns out you don't need to do this, and it worked when I didn't.

    How to make the option work / what value it provides / why they provide it if it doesn't...I guess that remains an unanswered question!