How to fix the landing page not visibility in Azure VM

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Azure Virtual AMchine created with Ubuntu OS. when my web project hosted in the VM with necessary rules and other configurations are shows success in the network security group test.

but when i type the url in broswers (google,edge, opera) it shows page not found

  1. SSH working fine and web content can visible
  2. when i type public ip address in browser it is shows ubuntu well come page not a landing page of the web (index.php).

what is reason of this matter?

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  1. Olga Os - MSFT 5,831 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello Gayan,

    Welcome to the MS Q&A Forum.

    There are could be several different reasons why you are not able to access the web app page.

    Web Server Configuration:

    • Ensure that your web server (e.g., Apache, Nginx, etc.) is properly configured and running. Make sure it is listening on the correct port (usually port 80 for HTTP or port 443 for HTTPS).
    • Verify that your web application files, including the index.php file, are in the correct directory and accessible to the web server.

    Firewall Rules:

    • Review the network security group (NSG) rules associated with your Azure VM. Make sure that port 80 (HTTP) and/or port 443 (HTTPS) are open for incoming traffic.
    • Check the local firewall (iptables/ufw) on the VM to ensure it's not blocking incoming web traffic.

    DNS Configuration, etc.

    Use the instructions in this article to get up and running with any web app, framework, and back-end technology that uses the Linux OS.

    Hope above answers your question and concern. Let me know if you need additional assistance. If the answer was helpful, please accept it and complete the quality survey so that others can find a solution.

    Olga Os.

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  2. Gayan 0 Reputation points

    Hi Olga,

    When try to hit enter the url ( the ubuntu folder hierrachy index.html page loading. but web folder index.html file not loading.

    inbound rule already configured 80 and for further checking i have test the connection ading both 80 and 443 (HTTP(S)) both way. seeking your valuble support to solve this matter asap.