Unable to delete or leave an Azure AD Tenant I created

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My account is managed by the company I work at. I created a tenant for testing. Then I found I couldn't delete or leave that tenant. When I tried to delete or leave, I was brought to a page said:

Your network administrator has blocked access External access is blocked by policy. Contact your IT department for access. Read more about tenant restrictions Sign out to protect your account

What should I do? Should I ask the administrator for help? If so, how can he help? Thanks!



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  1. Sandeep G-MSFT 14,996 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    [@Confusingosting your question in Microsoft Q&A.

    You can follow below steps to leave the organization that you want.


    • You're using a personal account, you'll need to use a My Account URL that includes your tenant's name or tenant ID. For example: if you tenant name is contoso.onmicrosoft.com then you will have to go to URL https://myaccount.microsoft.com?tenantId=contoso.onmicrosoft.com. You might need to open this URL in a private browser session.
    • Select Organizations from the left navigation pane or select the Manage organizations link from the Organizations block.
    • The Organizations page appears, where you can view and manage the organizations you belong to. 

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    • Home organization: Your home organization is listed first. This organization owns your work or school account. Because your account is managed by your administrator, you're not allowed to leave your home organization. You'll see there's no link to Leave. If you don't have an assigned home organization, you'll just see a single heading that says Organizations with the list of your associated organizations.
    • Other organizations you collaborate with: You'll also see the other organizations that you've signed in to previously using your work or school account. You can decide to leave any of these organizations at any time.
    • You can click on leave button in front of the organization which ever you want to leave.


    Do let me know if you have any further questions.

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