The Subscription is not allowed to create or update the serverfarm

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Hello Everyone,  I have been using Azure for a while, but just started trying to build some Function Apps. I want a function app to launch some python code. When I try to build the app, I get an error stating that my subscription isn't allowed to create or update the serverfarm. I don't know why that is.  It is a new organization It is a new Subscription I believe I have all of the owner ship and permissions I need to implement this. I am the only admin on the site at the moment.  I wanted to simply use a consumption license.  Any advice as to what could be causing the issue? It fails on deployment, and when I go to operations details, that is what it says, that I can't create the server farm. Thanks for the help! 

Azure Functions
Azure Functions
An Azure service that provides an event-driven serverless compute platform.
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  1. Andreas Baumgarten 103.2K Reputation points MVP

    Hi @JustinRodriguez ,

    there was an issue a few month before. Maybe the older threads are helpful:

    If not, maybe the best option might be to open a support case with Microsoft Azure support for clarification.

    Azure Billing and Subscription support is offered by Microsoft by no cost and it's for free.

    Source: Azure Support plans

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    Andreas Baumgarten

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  2. Scott Anderson 0 Reputation points

    Wondering if you have the correct Resource Providers enabled on your Subscription for it to be able to create them. This would have to be explicitly done.

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  3. JustinRodriguez 0 Reputation points

    Thank you to everyone who replied!!
    I think I found the answer:
    I was still on the 'Free Subscription'. I had increased to the 'Pay as You Go' subscription, but I think there is a lag.

    I am able to create the Azure Function Apps now, and my guess is that you can't as a 'Free Subscription'. Furthermore, there might have been a cookie or something that didn't recognize that I had switched or something.

    If you just switched, try giving it a day.

    Have a great day everyone -

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