KB4601318 fails to update, fails at 24% Windows Server 2016

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I have 3 virtual servers that have this exact same issue where when I try to update KB4601318, it stalls at 24%. The servers are 2016 servers, I have disabled anti-virus, I have rebooted, followed instructions on this blog, added RAM and enabled and disabled firewall. I have updated 15 other servers in my environment successfully, running the same antivirus software, same kind of setup. The servers all have 2 or 4 processors, 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM and at least 200+ GB of available disk space. No errors in the event viewer that I can see.

I've let the update run on these machines for 2 hours and what happens is that it will install KB890830 and KB4601392 on all of these machines but not KB4601318 on any of them. It gets stuck at 24% and then eventually stops and reads "KB4601318 is available" "Updates are ready" and Download button is enabled. If I click it, it goes through the exact same cycle where it stalls at 24% again.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
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  1. Zabaga, Robert (King of Prussia) 141 Reputation points

    I've successfully ran the KB on 2 machines at this point. Pretty much the steps other people listed. I can do on a few VMs but dozens or hundreds across an organization would not work for this....too resource intensive for 1 admin!

    -Download the update from Microsoft Catalog (.msu file)

    -Stop Windows Update Service. For me it didn't stop so I had to set the service to Disabled then go to a command prompt and run "sc queryex wuauserv" then do a "taskkill /f /PID xxxx" (where xxxx is the PID listed from the prior query command).

    Delete or rename the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ folder

    Now run the .msu update file. A few times I got a pop-up about a stub file error. What is that? Anyway, I waited a minute and ran the .msu again and it unpacked and ran successfully.

    Set Windows Update back to manual

    Reboot. KB installed.

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  1. DTK 21 Reputation points

    having the exact same problem - both with the online update stopping at 24% and with the offline update.

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  2. Marc Boelaers 21 Reputation points

    Same here. All Azure 2016 VM's stuck at 24%.
    Update: I installed one VM following the procedure above and this worked, but this seems a global issue which microsoft should fix. I have many machines with the same issue

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  3. TLawLL 16 Reputation points

    Same issue here. I have 2016 servers all failing to install at 24%. Nothing I do gets the update to install. Have tried the same recommended methods as everyone else.

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  4. pr3adus 41 Reputation points

    I have the same Problem here - im on it the whole night right now because i have it on a productive customer system!
    Are there any updates / solutions right now?

    I have to somehow manage to get this working in the next 3 Hours.

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