KB4601318 fails to update, fails at 24% Windows Server 2016

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I have 3 virtual servers that have this exact same issue where when I try to update KB4601318, it stalls at 24%. The servers are 2016 servers, I have disabled anti-virus, I have rebooted, followed instructions on this blog, added RAM and enabled and disabled firewall. I have updated 15 other servers in my environment successfully, running the same antivirus software, same kind of setup. The servers all have 2 or 4 processors, 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM and at least 200+ GB of available disk space. No errors in the event viewer that I can see.

I've let the update run on these machines for 2 hours and what happens is that it will install KB890830 and KB4601392 on all of these machines but not KB4601318 on any of them. It gets stuck at 24% and then eventually stops and reads "KB4601318 is available" "Updates are ready" and Download button is enabled. If I click it, it goes through the exact same cycle where it stalls at 24% again.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
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  1. Zabaga, Robert (King of Prussia) 141 Reputation points

    I've successfully ran the KB on 2 machines at this point. Pretty much the steps other people listed. I can do on a few VMs but dozens or hundreds across an organization would not work for this....too resource intensive for 1 admin!

    -Download the update from Microsoft Catalog (.msu file)

    -Stop Windows Update Service. For me it didn't stop so I had to set the service to Disabled then go to a command prompt and run "sc queryex wuauserv" then do a "taskkill /f /PID xxxx" (where xxxx is the PID listed from the prior query command).

    Delete or rename the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ folder

    Now run the .msu update file. A few times I got a pop-up about a stub file error. What is that? Anyway, I waited a minute and ran the .msu again and it unpacked and ran successfully.

    Set Windows Update back to manual

    Reboot. KB installed.

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  1. dborchert 1 Reputation point

    First, thanks everyone for all the helpful information on this. I recently set up an update schedule for all my servers and while researching the available updates for them, I came across this thread... THANKFULLY!! I found KB4601318 installed on my primary domain controller that holds all FSMO roles and was pending a restart. I was able to uninstall it, but I am wondering if there's any additional manual work needed before I reboot it?

    Even though KB4601318 is no longer listed in the "View Installed Updates" section (after I uninstalled it), I still see it in "Update Status" as shown in the image below, so that's why I'm asking if any additional manual work is needed before I reboot this. I almost want to transfer all FSMO roles temporarily to my other [backup] domain controller just in case this domain controller gets stuck at 24%. :(

    I also tried to uninstall KB4601392 but the "uninstall" button disappeared when I clicked on the update...




  2. SomebodyInGNV 1 Reputation point

    My server shows that KB4601318 failed to install but a check for updates comes up empty, attempts to uninstall an update don't show it in the list of installed updates, and attempting to manually install the update downloaded from MS says it's already installed.

    Where do I go from here? How do I get Windows to not think it's installed?

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  3. Jim Symington 96 Reputation points

    KB4601318 is withdrawn, hence no longer found by Windows Update:
    " NEW 2/12/21
    Important There is a Known Issue that halts the installation progress of the February 9, 2021 security update. To address this issue, we have released a new servicing stack update (SSU), KB5001078. You must install this new SSU before installing the February 9, 2021 security update."

  4. SL 1 Reputation point

    Absolute pain. On a Windows Server 2016 VM, we had KB5001078 successfully installed, rebooted a couple times and still could not install KB4601318.

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