MS Authenticator lost all my accounts

Dushan 86 Reputation points

Today I lost access to all my accounts/codes stored in the Authenticator app. When I click "Start Recovery" I get a message "There is no backup stored in your iCloud account". I had backup turned on before switching to a new phone and I was able to get recovery from backups in the past. Is there a way to check if a backup exists? Where it is stored in iCloud?

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
A Microsoft app for iOS and Android devices that enables authentication with two-factor verification, phone sign-in, and code generation.
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  1. Steven Morehouse 1 Reputation point

    Terrific, me too... sort of. I had trouble adding my work account so I was asked to uninstall and reinstall Authenticator. I had backup enabled and I had accounts for FB, Amazon and PayPal. After restoring from backup - WITH NO ERRORS - I now have my FB TFA restored and I have to go deal with Amazon and PayPal's recovery process. Yay.

  2. Kreston 21 Reputation points

    I got the same problem. Sad no ANSWERS have come up since the start of this thread. Frustrating.

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  3. G Munroe 0 Reputation points

    The canned response is all anyone receives, and then directed to use the nonexistent backup. My wife is going through this right now. The data file is stored on your iCloud Drive if there is a backup. YOUR iCloud Drive. It would be nice to check your iCloud for that file. You have a right to know where that is located, not to get the run around from a third party like Microsoft where the support act like they don’t know what the people affected are asking. It’s pretty clear, where is the backup?? Unfortunately for many people Authenticator didn’t install with iCloud backup switched on, exponentially adding to the chances of inability to recover in a phone upgrade, accident or loss. Most people would assume if they backup iCloud, this would be something that would also be backed up. Unreal the hoops to have to go through to access your own information. Positive customer experience: zero. Clarity is what’s needed, if people are forced into using the Authenticator app through work etc, with the 365, then during setup, turn on that damn backup switch in settings by default. Ridiculous.