Unable to attach remote debugger to Azure app service slot (VS 2019)

Matt Drouillard 186 Reputation points

I am unable to connect to the remote debugger to an app service slot in Azure, I am running VS 2019 all up to date on 16.11.2:

Unable to find a process called w3wp with arguments "<<ProjectName>>. The process may still be starting, please try again.


Restarted the app service multiple times, restart VS, computer; nothing is working.

Should also add the settings are enabled in Azure:

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  1. Zubair Munir 41 Reputation points

    I have Resolved this issue ....follow bellow steps to resolved.
    1=> Latest Visual studio
    2=> Go to Debug tab
    3=> Click on Attach process
    4=> In Dialog there is Connection Target paste your site url without htttp like(myappservice.azurewebsites.net)
    5=> Hit the Refersh button
    6=> Again dialog apperies add your app service crediential username and password and check remember me
    7=> A list of process will be shwon to you just click on the w3sp process .
    8=> Now check debuger is attached and now you can debug .

    Note:Explanation of step 6 to get cridential
    There is two methods to get username and password

    1. Download publish profile and open in notepad++ there you can see the username and password.

    <publishProfile profileName="myappservice - Web Deploy" publishMethod="MSDeploy"
    userName="{USERNAME}" userPWD="{PASSWORD}" ...>
    <databases />
    <publishProfile profileName="myappservice - FTP" publishMethod="FTP" ...>
    <databases />

    2) you can also get this username and password from azure portal
    i)=>Go to azure portal
    ii)=>Open your app service
    iii=>Developement center
    There is three tab on top right side click on FTPS Cridential
    there is the username and password .

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  2. Efrain Lozada 11 Reputation points

    I have same problem since 8/26 last update. This is causing a big delay. I have a ticket open but it seems that they are not understanding the issue, now in my case it started to work but some does not work using cloud explorer.

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  3. Quentin GARLAN 6 Reputation points

    Same issue here, I have a colleague that can launch the remote debugging from his computer on the same app service but the breakpoints don't work

    Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019
    Version 16.11.3



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  4. Zubair Munir 41 Reputation points

    @Matt Drouillard same issue also in my side and i have also tried to start and restart the service update the visual studio and current version of visual studio is (Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019
    Version 16.11.1) publish in debug mode also enable remote debuging in azure and also select visual studio 2019 in azure but facing same problem.

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  5. Darran King 1 Reputation point

    Same issue here,

    I can attach to the process manually using the workaround described, but using attach debugger in VS2019 errors saying it cannot find the worker process.

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