Windows 11 Autopilot-Setup: Registration is not working, any ideas?

Trinkel, Pascal 26 Reputation points

Hi guys,

I am trying to run my Autopilot-Config over a new Windows 11 Device. The Problem is described in the picture below.
The Registration for my Work- and School-Account ist not possible. It says to repeat the progress.

Can you help me?


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  1. Lu Dai-MSFT 28,366 Reputation points

    @TrinkelPascal-4155 Thanks for posting in our Q&A. From your description, I know that you want to do autopilot enrollment. If there is anything misunderstanding, please correct me.

    To clarify this issue, did you have an intune admin account? If yes, please check the following information:

    1. Make sure that enable the automatic enrollment
    2. The user has intune and Azure AD Premium licenses.
    3. The windows 11 device is added to intune.
    4. The autopilot deployment profile has been configured correctly.

    If you don't have intune admin account, as Reza-Ameri said, please contact your IT administrator.

    Hope it will help.

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  2. Marcel Kerkvliet 6 Reputation points

    After many trials and even more errors we finally found the solution to the problem.
    Cause: the windows 11 installation needs a KB msu file which is going to be installed after the installation of Windows 11
    This installation can only occur if you can connect with this installation, but since the file is not there you cannot logon.
    Story of the chicken and the egg
    But there is the following solution to our mutual problem.

    1) Download KB5017328
    2) Mount iso Windows11 with dism command (cmd with admin rights)
    a. Dism /mount-wim /wimfile:c:\Location\install.esd /index:1 /Mountdir:c:\temp ( verify the index number )
    3) Inject msu downloaded in step 1 in the following way
    a. Dism /Image:"C:\location" /Add-Package /PackagePath="c:\location\file.msu"
    4) After executing the command, the following should appear
    a. [=========================100.0%==================== =======] The operation completed successfully.
    5) Unmount the image with the following command
    a. Dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\temp /commit
    6) Copy the install.esd from step 2 to the installation method (USB stick) in the sources folder
    a. Delete the existing install.wim or install.esd from this folder
    b. If the install.esd file is too big for the usb stick then convert it to swm files with the following command in CMD
    i. Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:C:\location\install.esd /SWMFile:C:\location\install.swm /FileSize:2500
    ii. Then copy these swm files to the sources folder on the usb stick
    iii. Also delete the install.esd or install.wim file from the sources folder
    7) Install your Windows 11 in the usual way and do your magic with autopilot

    Only when the device confirms it has been assigned a deployment profile , autopilot on shared devices will work.

    Note: it is quite ridiculous that if you download the latest ISO from Microsoft this msu is not implemented.

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  3. Limitless Technology 39,496 Reputation points


    When the out-of-box-experience (OOBE) includes unexpected Autopilot behavior, it's useful to check if the device received an Autopilot profile. If so, check the settings that the profile contained.

    Autopilot profile settings received from the Autopilot deployment service are stored in the device's registry. This information can be found at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Provisioning\Diagnostics\Autopilot.

    Troubleshooting Windows AutoPilot (level 300/400)


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  4. Tee 1 Reputation point


    I don't think the Device is fetching the AutoPilot Profile; After OOBE, the first page the Win11 should hit is your Configured Branding page (if you have one configured)

    If you go to your intune portal - check whether the device serial in the AutoPilot Device Serial database where you imported the hash - that the device has an Azure AD ID and

    1. An Autopilot profile assigned
    2. that the device has been contacted by the AutoPilot Service

  5. Pavel yannara Mirochnitchenko 12,411 Reputation points MVP

    Can you make autopilot work with Windows 10? You can also ensure in Autopilot profile settings in Assigned Device list, is your hardware assigned to the profile or not? Do you use ZTD group for autopilot?