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Machia, Tina 51 Reputation points

I have a problem with my navigation bar in Outlook, it happened when I downloaded from the "coming soon, try it now" button. So I believe it's linked to the new update coming out of Microsoft 11, and this is in Outlook on my PC.

I don't want to know how to move things up and down in the navigation bar, I want to move the whole bar from the left side where it went when I downloaded the "coming soon, try it now button", back to where it was at the bottom under my inboxes.

I really don't care what's in the navigation bar, it's where it is that's bothering me!

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  1. Vik99977 86 Reputation points

    Hi Guys,

    as I was answering a similar question about the moved bar and not possible edit of it, here is what I did - I copy my answer here (link here):

    Guys, this feature drove me also crazy but I did what @AKSNC30 wrote BUT I had NOT the possibility to unclick the "Coming Soon" feature in the normal or safe Outlook.

    What I did:

    1) Closed MS Outlook
    2) run with WIN+R and typed outlook.exe /safe
    3) saw no feature for "Coming soon"
    4) closed the "Safe Outlook"
    5) reopened normal Outlook

    and all was again in place (nav bar under e-mail folders). So I don't really know but Microsoft is doing some stuff without even the possibility to revert it back ... and we pay for this ...



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  2. Neville Howard 11 Reputation points

    A slight variation on Vik's approach above:

    1. Close Outlook
    2. Open Outlook in safe mode by holding down 'ctrl' key while clicking on the usual outlook icon
    3. After Outlook has opened in safe mode, close it down
    4. Reopen Outlook as normal

    And as Vik says, for reasons I don't fully understand the nav bar is back to the bottom as before.

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  3. Ivan Pour 11 Reputation points

    Let me just echo a lot of the comments made about this feature - BAD IDEA!! It takes up space unnecessarily and is not a convenient location. PLEASE do not make this a permanent feature unless it is optional. As requested, I offered my thoughts in the feedback section of "Coming Soon". I turned off "Coming Soon" and it did restore this to the original setting.

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  4. Jade Liang-MSFT 9,976 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Machia, Tina ,

    What's the specific version of your Outlook client(File>Office account>About Outlook)?

    According to my experience on my Outlook 365 Version 2111(Build 14605.2000) Beta Channel, the navigation bar would be moved to the left side when I turn on the Coming soon option, which is same with yours.

    Based on the feature introduction, I think it's designed to access and switch to other Microsoft app more easily(such as Microsot Todo), for more information, you could click the coming soon button in Outlook.

    Actually, the "coming soon" option in Outlook is an opportunity to preview new features at your convenience and share your feedback with us before we finalize the change for all customers. If you have any suggestion about this feature, it's recommended to submit a feedback under this feature(click coming soon button>Slide to the bottom>choose "Yes" or "No" under the question). Your time would be highly appreciated.

    If you don't want to work with this new feature now, please turn off coming soon by click the option next to "coming soon" like below(from on to off) in the upper right corner of Outlook and restart your Outlook client to check.

    Hope that would be helpful to you.

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  5. Dimo P 1 Reputation point

    Worked beautifully...thanks for providing the recommendation

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