Is it possible to see what OS someone used to send an email?

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keepmeanon 21 Reputation points

Our users can sign in on multiple devices but I'm trying to track the OS used to send emails. Does MS have to way to track emails per operating system or any way to identify that?

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    Andy David - MVP 108.7K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    MOMT = MAPI on the Middle Tier means any client using Mapi... so that would be Windows Outlook...

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    Andy David - MVP 108.7K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

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    Andy David - MVP 108.7K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    The only way I am aware of is using the security center Explorer and accessing the headers of the message:

    or use Cloud App Security if you are licensed for it and view the Activity log for that user.

    You can also search the compliance logs for the "send message" event and see what that shows:

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  4. answered 2021-11-23T03:05:30.367+00:00
    ChristyZhang-MSFT 9,391 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @keepmeanon ,

    Welcome to our forum!

    As I know, there's no such an option in Outlook client to check what OS someone used to send an email.

    However, as I know, we can check the message header(open the received message>File>Info>Properties>Inter headers) and copy the content to Word or Notepad. And the find the following information:

    Or User-Agent:

    Both the two fields will show the version of Outlook, which can be used to identify the OS(Windows or Mac).

    Hope to help you.

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