Hyper-V 12 - Windows 10 problem

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I can t add a picture. Please, help me with this. I ve tried all options. I have installed Hyper V 12 server on Win10, but I can't switch to destkop and Win10 interface.

When booting it says that my OS is OS Microsoft Hyper V server 2012? WT hack is going on?!

Thanks and regards

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Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10 Setup
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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    Thinks haven t chamged.

    Then that makes it fairly simple. You can boot from your windows 10 installation media, delete / recreate partition and continue install of windows 10.

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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    It's not clear what the goal is. Reinstall windows? Recover files from existing? If the latter you could copy the files off via explorer (second screenshot)

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  2. Andrejki 21 Reputation points

    The goal is stated in the first message. To get back to my Windows10 and rid out of Hyper-V appearing like this. The goal is to have a functional windows like I had. Not a Hyper V OS.

    I want to save the data (pics, etc) even with reinstall, deleting apps is not a problem. I d like to refresh, but I don't have that option. All i have is this.

    How I can do that?

    I am not a technician, I don t understand where to copy them or whatever. Bear in mind that if you wanna help or don t confuse me anymore. I said that already. @Dave Patrick

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  3. Andrejki 21 Reputation points


    1. But where to save off the data if I can t access to them via this re-image driver recovery?
    2. Can I do it via CMD?
    3. I don't have internet connection on the PC.


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  4. Andrejki 21 Reputation points


    Mistake in the previous post. I have a seriozs problem.

    1. I have access to files. They are all in windows.old
    2. Can i just force start windows.old somehow?
    3. Hyper V still does not detect internet. I have Wifi, but Hyper V does not detect it. If I could force Hyper V somehow to detect internet and to download iso directly from windows?
    4. I have registry editor opened.

    I created Windows old right before installing Hyper-V or during the installation. It would be perfect if I could start it.

    1. Windows media create tool downloaded in windows.old, It won't start.
      6.. I have CMD options.
    2. I would really like to run that windows.old.
    3. The copy past option in Explorer in OS Hyper V does not work nor it detetct USB or CD.

    What now? I am exhausted, I know you re not official solver, but what should I do now regarding all of this, it s been 3 days me working around on this 24/h. I appreciate the support, buf I m going crazy.

    Best regards

    Formatting numbers is a mistake, ignore it in this post, I m on android.

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