Visual Studio 11 Beta – get it now

As per the official announcement, you can now download Visual Studio 11 Beta. This version includes a "go-live" license, which means you can start using it in production environments in a supported manner.

Interested in C++ AMP? Please read our Beta blog post to learn what is new and what changed since the Developer Preview. If you are brand new to C++ AMP (welcome!), you should know that we updated all our existing blog posts to reflect any changes we made, so go read our archives, starting with C++ AMP in a nutshell. If you like code, go download our updated C++ AMP samples. If you want to learn everything by reading a single document, download the C++ AMP open specification.

Interested in PPL and ConcRT? We’ve significantly increased the number of parallel patterns that can be conveniently expressed in C++. Please read our blog post on what’s new in Visual Studio 11 since our Visual Studio 2010 release.

Whether you have questions about PPL or C++ AMP, there is only one forum you need to visit to post them: Native Concurrency forum.

For questions related to Visual Studio but not directly to PPL or C++ AMP, please find a different more appropriate forum for Visual Studio or forum for Windows.