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Team System: Streamline Team Projects With Process Templates

See how you can streamline your team projects using Process Templates in Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Brian A. Randell

Real-World WF: Best Practices For Windows Workflow Foundation Apps

The heart of Windows Workflow Foundation is its declarative programming model. Here are some best practices to consider when using WF to realize software solutions in the real world. Josh Lane

Visual Studio OBA Tools: Simplify OBA Development With Interop API Extensions

To introduce you to VSTO Power Tools Office interop API extensions, we’ll walk through the development of an application that automates Outlook, Excel, and Word. Andrew Whitechapel, Phillip Hoff, and Vladimir Morozov

SOA Data Access: Flexible Data Access With LINQ To SQL And The Entity Framework

Building a data access layer using LINQ to SQL and the ADO.NET Entity Framework allows you to decouple your application from the persistence technology you're using. Anthony Sneed

Geneva Framework: A Better Approach For Building Claims-Based WCF Services

Here we introduce Microsoft Code Name “Geneva,” the new framework for building claims-based applications and services, and federated security scenarios. Michele Leroux Bustamante

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Editor's Note: I Am The Business

At an open spaces conference in Austin, Texas, Editor-in-Chief Howard Dierking realizes that software development and business goals can both coexist and benefit each other.Howard Dierking

Toolbox: Static Analysis Tools For .NET, Matt Berseth’s Blog

This month we take a look at FxCop and other tools that enforce your design rules, along with jQuery.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Thread Management In The CLR

Getting the performance you want in concurrent applications is not as straightforward as you might think. See how common threading issues can affect your application.Erika Fuentes and Eric Eilebrecht

Advanced Basics: The ObservableCollection Class

Ken Getz shows how the CollectionChanged event lets you reflect changes to your underlying data source in your bound data controls.Ken Getz

Cutting Edge: ASP.NET Presentation Patterns

Choosing the right design pattern for your ASP.NET Web application can help you achieve the separation of concerns between your presentation layer and the layers beneath it.Dino Esposito

Patterns in Practice: Design For Testability

Designing testability into your app means smaller tests that are cheaper to create, easier to understand, faster to run, and much simpler to debug.Jeremy Miller

Test Run: Configuration Testing With Virtual Server, Part 2

Because Virtual Server is built upon a set of COM modules, you can automate the creation and testing of virtual machines. Here we use Windows PowerShell to run the tests.Dr. James McCaffrey and Paul Despe

Foundations: Render Text On A Path With WPF

With Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) you can lay out text on a path, then animate the individual points defining the path and watch the characters bounce around in response.Charles Petzold

Windows With C++: X64 Debugging With Pseudo Variables And Format Specifiers

This month we explain how pseudo variables and format specifiers provide a wealth of information for use in debugging.Kenny Kerr

Going Places: How Connection Manager Connects

Marcus Perryman explains the correct use of Connection Manager when a Windows Mobile application requires network data.Marcus Perryman

Usability in Practice: The Human Face Of Software

A great user experience is more than just a pretty face. In this new column we’ll look at some of the subtleties of building great user experiences.Dr. Charles B. Kreitzberg and Ambrose Little

{ End Bracket }: What Makes A Good Software Tester?

In this month's installment, James McCaffrey talks about the qualities and skills he looks for when searching for great software testers.Dr. James McCaffrey