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Data Services: Develop Robust and Scalable Apps with SQL Server Data Services

Here the author introduces SQL Server Data Services, which exposes its functionality over standard Web service interfaces. David Robinson

ADO.NET: Achieve Flexible Data Modeling with the Entity Framework

Here the author answers questions regarding the Entity Framework and provides an understanding of how and why it was developed. Elisa Flasko

Data and WPF: Customize Data Display with Data Binding and WPF

Here we present techniques for programmatic and declarative data binding and display with Windows Presentation Foundation. Josh Smith

Transactions: Build Scalable Systems That Handle Failure Without Losing Data

Systems that handle failure without losing data are elusive. Learn how to achieve systems that are both scalable and robust. Udi Dahan

WCF P2P: How To Design State Sharing in a Peer Network

Learn how you can peer-enable business applications by allowing them to share state in a serverless peer network. Kevin Hoffman

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Editor's Note: Flex Your Data

Filling in for Editor-in-Chief Howard Dierking, Ted Neward lends some insight into the state of data collection and manipulation.Ted Neward

Toolbox: Easy Wiki Hosting, Scott Hanselman’s blog, and Snagging Screens

Host a wiki the easy way, get the screen shots you need and mark them up, and read about LINQ this month in Toolbox.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Extend Windows Forms Apps Using System.AddIn

See how Windows Forms applications can be adapted to use the new .NET Add-in framework (System.AddIn) this month.Mueez Siddiqui

Data Points: The Entity Framework in Layered Architectures

Here we build a solution that fits the Entity Framework into an n-tier architecture that uses WCF and WPF and the MVP pattern.John Papa

Advanced Basics: The LINQ Enumerable Class, Part 1.

Presented here is the LINQ Enumerable class, which allows you to manipulate data in any class that implements IEnumerable(Of T).Ken Getz

Office Space: Automated SharePoint Site Branding

Here's a custom branding solution for SharePoint sites that integrates Master Pages and CSS files at the level of the site collection.Ted Pattison

Cutting Edge: The HTML Message Pattern

In this installment, the author provides an enhanced implementation of the BST pattern and compares it to HTM solutions.Dino Esposito

Test Run: Introduction to WCF Testing

This month James McCaffrey builds a test harness for WCF applications that really puts them through the paces.Dr. James McCaffrey

Security Briefs: Reinvigorate your Threat Modeling Process

In this column the author outlines some approaches to threat modeling that can be employed by development teams of any size.Adam Shostack

Foundations: Adding Code Access Security to WCF, Part 2

This month's column continues the discussion around code access security in WCF and partially trusted services.Juval Lowy

.NET Matters: Asynchronous I/O with WebClient

In this month’s installment of .NET Matters, columnist Stephen Toub answers reader questions concerning asynchronous I/O .Stephen Toub

{ End Bracket }: Customize Windows Home Server

Chris Gray discusses custom applications he’s developed for Windows Home Server and explores applications for energy savings.Chris Gray