Azure Sphere Application Libraries

The Azure Sphere SDK Application Libraries (Applibs) support device-specific APIs for Azure Sphere application development. These headers contain the Applibs functions and types:

Header Description
applibs/adc.h Interacts with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).
applibs/application.h Communicates with and controls real-time capable applications.
applibs/applications.h Obtains information about high-level applications.
applibs/certstore.h Installs and manages certificates.
tlsutils/deviceauth.h Get certificate paths.
tlsutils/deviceauth_curl.h Performs mutual authentication over TLS.
applibs/eventloop.h Monitors and dispatches events.
applibs/gpio.h Interacts with GPIOs (general-purpose input/output).
applibs/i2c.h Interacts with Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) interfaces.
applibs/log.h Logs debug messages that are displayed when you debug an application through the Azure Sphere SDK.
applibs/networking.h Interacts with the networking subsystem to query the network state, and to get and set the network service configuration.
applibs/networking_curl.h Interacts with the networking subsystem to apply the stored proxy configuration on a curl handle.
applibs/powermanagement.h Manages the transition to the lowest possible power state, other than powered off, for a device.
applibs/pwm.h Interacts with pulse-width modulators (PWMs).
applibs/rtc.h Interacts with the real-time clock (RTC).
applibs/spi.h Interacts with SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) devices.
applibs/storage.h Interacts with on-device storage, which includes read-only storage and mutable storage.
applibs/sysevent.h Interacts with system event notifications.
applibs/uart.h Opens and interacts with a Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) on a device.
applibs/wificonfig.h Manages Wi-Fi network configurations on a device.