Azure Stack Hub privileged endpoint reference

The Azure Stack Hub privileged endpoint (PEP) is a pre-configured remote PowerShell console that provides you with the capabilities to perform a required task. The endpoint uses PowerShell JEA (Just Enough Administration) to expose only a restricted set of cmdlets.

Privileged endpoint cmdlets

Cmdlet Description
Close-PrivilegedEndpoint No description.
Get-ActionStatus Gets the status of the latest action for the operation with the specified function name.
Get-AzsDnsForwarder Get the DNS forwarder IP addresses used by Azure Stack Hub
Get-AzSDnsServerSettings Get DNS server settings
Get-AzSLegalNotice Get legal notice caption and text
Get-AzureStackLog Get logs from various roles of AzureStack with timeout.
Get-AzureStackStampInformation Gets the stamp information.
Get-AzureStackSupportConfiguration Gets Support Service configuration settings.
Get-CloudAdminPasswordRecoveryToken No description.
Get-CloudAdminUserList No description.
Get-ClusterLog No description.
Get-GraphApplication Get-GraphApplication is a wrapper function to get the Graph application information for the application Name or Identifier specified.
Get-StorageJob No description.
Get-SupportSessionInfo No description.
Get-SupportSessionToken No description.
Get-SyslogClient Gets the syslog Client settings.
Get-SyslogServer Gets the syslog server endpoint.
Get-ThirdPartyNotices No description.
Get-TLSPolicy No description.
Get-VirtualDisk No description.
Invoke-AzureStackOnDemandLog Generates on demand logs from AzureStack roles where applicable.
New-AzureBridgeServicePrincipal Creates a new service principal in Microsoft Entra ID.
New-AzureStackActivation Activate Azure Stack.
New-CloudAdminUser No description.
New-GraphApplication New-GraphApplication is a wrapper function to call ADFS Graph cmdlets on AD FS.
New-RegistrationToken Creates a new registration token
Register-CustomAdfs Script to register custom Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) as claims provider with Azure Stack AD FS.
Register-CustomDnsServer Script to register custom DNS servers with Azure Stack DNS.
Register-DirectoryService Script to register customer Active Directory with Graph Service.
Remove-AzureStackActivation No description.
Remove-CloudAdminUser No description.
Remove-GraphApplication Remove-GraphApplication is a wrapper function to call ADFS Graph cmdlets on AD FS.
Repair-VirtualDisk No description.
Reset-DatacenterIntegrationConfiguration Script to reset Datacenter Integration changes.
Send-AzureStackDiagnosticLog Sends Azure Stack Diagnostic Logs to Microsoft.
Set-AzSLegalNotice Set legal notice caption and text
Set-AzsDnsForwarder Update the DNS forwarder IP addresses used by Azure Stack Hub
Set-AzSDnsServerSettings Update DNS server settings
Set-CloudAdminUserPassword No description.
Set-GraphApplication Set-GraphApplication is a wrapper function to call ADFS Graph cmdlets on AD FS.
Set-ServiceAdminOwner Script to update service administrator.
Set-SyslogClient Imports and applies syslog client endpoint certificate.
Set-SyslogServer Sets the syslog server endpoint.
Set-Telemetry Enables or disables the transfer of telemetry data to Microsoft.
Set-TLSPolicy No description.
Start-AzsCryptoWipe Performs cryptographic wipe of Azure Stack Hub infrastructure.
Start-AzureStack Starts all Azure Stack services.
Start-SecretRotation Triggers secret rotation on a stamp.
Stop-AzureStack Stops all Azure Stack services.
Test-AzureStack Validates the status of Azure Stack.
Unlock-SupportSession No description.

Next steps

For more information about the Privileged Endpoint on Azure Stack Hub, see Using the privileged endpoint in Azure Stack.