What are Azure Active Directory reports?

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) reports provide a comprehensive view of activity in your environment. The provided data enables you to:

  • Determine how your apps and services are utilized by your users
  • Detect potential risks affecting the health of your environment
  • Troubleshoot issues preventing your users from getting their work done

Activity reports

Activity reports help you understand the behavior of users in your organization. There are two types of activity reports in Azure AD:

  • Audit logs - The audit logs activity report provides you with access to the history of every task performed in your tenant.

  • Sign-ins - With the sign-ins activity report, you can determine, who has performed the tasks reported by the audit logs report.

Audit logs report

The audit logs report provides you with records of system activities for compliance. This data enables you to address common scenarios such as:

  • Someone in my tenant got access to an admin group. Who gave them access?

  • I want to know the list of users signing into a specific app since I recently onboarded the app and want to know if it’s doing well

  • I want to know how many password resets are happening in my tenant

What Azure AD license do you need to access the audit logs report?

The audit logs report is available for features for which you have licenses. If you have a license for a specific feature, you also have access to the audit log information for it. A detailed feature comparison as per different types of licenses can be seen on the Azure Active Directory pricing page. For more information, see Azure Active Directory features and capabilities.

s report

The sign-ins report enables you to find answers to questions such as:

  • What is the sign-in pattern of a user?
  • How many users have users signed in over a week?
  • What’s the status of these sign-ins?

What Azure AD license do you need to access the sign-ins activity report?

To access the sign-ins activity report, your tenant must have an Azure AD Premium license associated with it.

Programmatic access

In addition to the user interface, Azure AD also provides you with programmatic access to the reports data, through a set of REST-based APIs. You can call these APIs from various programming languages and tools.

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