Manage APIs and other resources in your API Management workspace

This article is an introduction to managing APIs, products, subscriptions, and other API Management resources in a workspace. A workspace is a place where a development team can own, manage, update, and productize their own APIs, while a central API platform team manages the API Management infrastructure. Learn about the workspace features



This feature is available in the Premium, Standard and Developer tiers of API Management.


  • Workspaces are a preview feature of API Management and subject to certain limitations.
  • Workspaces are supported in API Management REST API version 2022-09-01-preview or later.
  • For pricing considerations, see API Management pricing.


  • An API Management instance. If needed, ask an administrator to create one.
  • A workspace. If needed, ask an administrator of your API Management instance to create one.
  • Permissions to collaborate in the workspace. If needed, ask an administrator of your API Management instance to assign you appropriate roles in the service and the workspace.

Go to the workspace - portal

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal, and navigate to your API Management instance.

  2. In the left menu, select Workspaces (preview), and select the name of your workspace.

    Screenshot of workspaces in API Management instance in the portal.

  3. The workspace appears. The available resources and settings appear in the menu on the left.

    Screenshot of API Management workspace menu in the portal.

Get started with your workspace

Depending on your role in the workspace, you might have permissions to create APIs, products, subscriptions, and other resources, or you might have read-only access to some or all of them.

To get started managing, protecting, and publishing APIs in your workspaces, see the following guidance.

Resource Guide
APIs Tutorial: Import and publish your first API
Products Tutorial: Create and publish a product
Subscriptions Subscriptions in Azure API Management

Create subscriptions in API Management
Policies Tutorial: Transform and protect your API

Policies in Azure API Management

Set or edit API Management policies
Named values Manage secrets using named values
Policy fragments Reuse policy configurations in your API Management policy definitions
Schemas Validate content
Groups Create and use groups to manage developer accounts
Notifications How to configure notifications and notification templates

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