Industry solutions with Azure

The digital landscape is being transformed by unprecedented amounts of data across industries. Start here to learn about industry-specific opportunities to take advantage of that transformation. Keep up with the pace of innovation, unlock the value of your data, and demonstrate to customers that you understand their challenges and how to address them.

Core industries

Industry Opportunities
Retail Retailers can enhance or reimagine customer journeys by using Azure services.
Financial services By modernizing and digitally transforming financial systems to move to cloud platforms like Azure, financial institutions can mitigate common problems and provide more value to their customers.
Healthcare With Azure and other Microsoft services, healthcare organizations can create highly efficient and resilient healthcare systems that improve patient/provider interactions and provide clinical and data insights.
Government Azure provides a mission-critical cloud platform, Azure Government, that delivers breakthrough innovation to US government customers and their partners.
Manufacturing Cloud computing is transforming manufacturing IT infrastructures and processes to the highly available, highly secure, and efficient cloud, in addition to providing cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT), AI / machine learning, and analytics solutions.
Energy and environment Rising energy needs and sustainability targets are pushing companies to explore innovative solutions and architectures. Innovations like IoT, AI, and machine learning can help address these critical needs.
Telecommunications Telecommunications organizations use AI, automation, and advanced analytics to realize efficiencies, avoid service disruptions, and reduce costs.
Automotive, mobility, and transportation Powerful technologies like cloud computing, IoT, AI, and machine learning can help organizations in the automotive, mobility, and transportation industries move people and things safely, quickly, and efficiently.
Education Azure provides tools to enable, elevate, and enhance remote learning, connect teachers to students, help organizations create models of smart campus buildings, deploy virtual labs, and more.
Nonprofit Nonprofit organizations can apply for an Azure credit grant of $3,500 per year to set up and run an instance of the Microsoft Community Training platform.

Additional verticals

Industry Opportunities
Game development Microsoft tools and services help game developers build, scale, and operate games on the global, reliable Azure cloud and incorporate features like multiplayer, leaderboards, translation, and bots.
Media and entertainment Media and entertainment organizations use cloud computing to reach their customers in more personalized and innovative ways.
Travel and hospitality Azure has the flexibility and scalability to handle the challenges that are faced in the travel and hospitality industries. These organizations can improve customer service and uncover new business opportunities by using built-in support for analyzing data and key insights.
Facilities and real estate IoT, AI, machine learning, and other Azure technologies can help building owners, operators, and occupants save money and live better lives.
Aerospace Intelligent cloud analytics, AI and machine learning, speech capabilities, and improved security are just some of the benefits that aerospace enterprises gain by using Azure.
Agriculture Agriculture businesses can use Azure FarmBeats, a business-to-business technology, to build AI or machine learning models that are based on aggregated data sets.
Sports There's been an explosion of data in recent years that sports teams can use to improve the performance of an individual athlete or an entire team.