Solutions for the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry includes various systems that provide curative, preventative, rehabilitative, and palliative care to patients. Proper management of these systems enables healthcare providers and managers provide high-quality care and treatment for their patients. With Azure cloud and other Microsoft services, you can now create highly efficient and resilient healthcare systems that take care of not only the patient-provider interactions, but also provide clinical and data insights, leading to a more patient-centric strategy for the healthcare institute.

Modernization and digital transformation of healthcare facilities is all the more important during the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

Learn how you can use Microsoft Azure services to digitize, modernize, and enhance your healthcare solution at Azure for healthcare. Microsoft also provides a comprehensive platform for the healthcare industry, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, which includes components from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, in addition to Azure.

Architectures for healthcare

The following articles provide detailed analysis of architectures developed and recommended for the healthcare industry.

Architecture Summary Technology focus
Virtual health on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Use Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, a software package created for the healthcare industry, to build an architecture for scheduling and following up on virtual visits between patients, providers, and care managers. Web
Clinical insights with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Use Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to collect, analyze, and visualize medical and health insights, that can be used to improve healthcare operations. Web
Consumer health portal on Azure Learn how to develop a consumer health portal using Azure services, to track statistics from wearables, engage with medical providers, and monitor health habits, built on a foundation of the Azure Well Architected Framework. Web
Confidential computing for healthcare Use Azure confidential computing to encrypt medical and patient data, for secure collaboration between hospitals and third-party diagnostic providers. Security
Health Data Consortium on Azure Use the Azure Data Platform, and Azure Data Share to create an environment where healthcare organizations can appropriately, and securely share data with partner organizations to support activities like clinical trials and research. Data
Precision Medicine Pipeline with Genomics Use Microsoft Genomics and the Azure Data Platform to perform analysis and reporting for scenarios like precision medicine and genetic profiling. Data/Analytics
Predict Hospital Readmissions with Machine Learning Predict the readmissions of diabetic patients using Azure Data, AI, and Analytics tools through the different personas of Data Professionals throughout the process. Data/AI
Build a telehealth system with Azure Explore a customer's implementation of a telehealth system using Azure services. Containers

Solution ideas for healthcare

The following are some additional ideas that you can use as a starting point for your healthcare solution.