Create a capacity pool for Azure NetApp Files

Creating a capacity pool enables you to create volumes within it.

Before you begin

You must have already created a NetApp account.

Create a NetApp account


  1. Go to the management blade for your NetApp account, and then, from the navigation pane, click Capacity pools.

    Navigate to capacity pool

  2. Click + Add pools to create a new capacity pool.
    The New Capacity Pool window appears.

  3. Provide the following information for the new capacity pool:

    • Name
      Specify the name for the capacity pool.
      The capacity pool name must be unique for each NetApp account.

    • Service level
      This field shows the target performance for the capacity pool.
      Specify the service level for the capacity pool: Ultra, Premium, or Standard.

    • Size
      Specify the size of the capacity pool that you are purchasing.
      The minimum capacity pool size is 4 TiB. You can change the size of a capacity pool in 1-TiB increments.

    • QoS
      Specify whether the capacity pool should use the Manual or Auto QoS type.

      See Storage Hierarchy and Performance Considerations to understand the QoS types.


      Setting QoS type to Manual is permanent. You cannot convert a manual QoS capacity pool to use auto QoS. However, you can convert an auto QoS capacity pool to use manual QoS. See Change a capacity pool to use manual QoS.

    New capacity pool

  4. Click Create.

Next steps