Azure China datacenters

Azure China datacenters are positioned in eastern China and northern China, geographically separated by over 1,000 kilometers. They provide geo-replication and business continuity support, enabling data reliability for Azure services. The following table compares Azure global and Azure China, with regard to datacenter features.

CategoryItem Azure global Azure China Notes
Datacenter High availability available available Availability Recommendations (in Chinese)
Remote management available available Remote Management
Networking available available Data Connection
Compliance/Certifications Compliance offerings globally Certifications acquired for China
Azure IP Advantage available available Azure IP Advantage
Developer guidance available Developer Guidance
Network latency available
~3 times latency crossing-border for China
available China latency

Certifications dedicated for China

Image of certifications

  • ISO/IEC 20000 Audit and Certification
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Audit and Certification
  • ISO/IEC 27018 Audit and Certification
  • Information System Classified Security Protection (DJCP)
  • Trusted Cloud Service Certification (TCS)
  • GB 18030 Information Technology (GB18030)
  • SOC 1, 2, 3 Reports

For more details, see the Trust Center.

You control your customer data

In Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet, you have full control of your data:

  • You know where customer data is located.
  • You control access to your customer data.
  • You control your customer data if you leave the service.
  • You have options to control the security of your customer data.

For more information, see You Control Your Customer Data.

With Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet, you're the owner of your data:

  • 21Vianet doesn't use customer data for advertising.
  • You control who has access to your customer data.
  • We use logical isolation to segregate each customer’s data from that of others.
  • We provide simple, transparent data-use policies, and get independent audits.
  • Our subcontractors are under contract to meet our privacy requirements.

For more information, see You Own Your Customer Data.

Azure data subject requests for the GDPR

For personal data submitted by Azure customers (for example, personal data submitted for getting support, and other personal data submitted through, we provide approaches to export and/or delete.

For more information, see Azure Data Subject Requests for the GDPR.

Azure IP Advantage

This cloud computing intellectual property protection program is now available in China. For more information, see Azure IP Advantage.