Security Baseline tools in Azure

The Security Baseline discipline is one of the Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance. This discipline focuses on ways of establishing policies that protect the network, assets, and most importantly the data that will reside on a cloud provider's solution. Within the Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance, the Security Baseline discipline involves classification of the digital estate and data. It also involves documentation of risks, business tolerance, and mitigation strategies associated with the security of data, assets, and networks. From a technical perspective, this discipline also includes involvement in decisions regarding encryption, network requirements, hybrid identity strategies, and tools to automate enforcement of security policies across resource groups. The following list of Azure tools can help mature the policies and processes that support this discipline.

Tool Azure portal and Azure Resource Manager Azure Key Vault Azure AD Azure Policy Microsoft Defender for Cloud Azure Monitor
Apply access controls to resources and resource creation Yes No Yes No No No
Secure virtual networks Yes No No Yes No No
Encrypt virtual drives No Yes No No No No
Encrypt PaaS storage and databases No Yes No No No No
Manage hybrid identity services No No Yes No No No
Restrict allowed types of resource No No No Yes No No
Enforce geo-regional restrictions No No No Yes No No
Monitor security health of networks and resources No No No No Yes Yes
Detect malicious activity No No No No Yes Yes
Preemptively detect vulnerabilities No No No No Yes No
Configure backup and disaster recovery Yes No No No No No

For a complete list of Azure security tools and services, see Security services and technologies available on Azure.

Customers commonly use third-party tools to enable Security Baseline discipline activities. For more information, see the article integrate security solutions in Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

In addition to security tools, Compliance Management in Microsoft 365 provides extensive guidance, reports, and related documentation that can help you perform risk assessments as part of your migration planning process.