Responsible AI

Driven by ethical principles that put people first, Microsoft is committed to advancing AI. We want to partner with you to support this endeavor.

Responsible AI principles

As you implement AI solutions, consider the following principles in your solution:

  • Fairness: AI systems should treat all people fairly.
  • Reliability and safety: AI systems should perform reliably and safely.
  • Privacy and security: AI systems should be secure and respect privacy.
  • Inclusiveness: AI systems should empower everyone and engage people.
  • Transparency: AI systems should be understandable.
  • Accountability: People should be accountable for AI systems.

Establish a responsible AI strategy

Learn how to develop your own responsible AI strategy and principles based on the values of your organization.

Guidelines to develop AI responsibly

Put responsible AI into practice with these guidelines, designed to help you anticipate and address potential issues throughout the software development lifecycle.

Tools for responsible AI

Tools are available to help developers and data scientists understand, protect, and control AI systems. These tools can come from a variety of sources, including Azure Machine Learning, open-source projects, and research.

Next steps

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