Azure Cognitive Services documentation

Learn how to use ready-made AI services to build intelligent apps, websites, and bots. Develop software that can see, hear, speak, and interpret your user's needs.


Recognize, identify, caption, index, and moderate your pictures, videos, and digital ink content.


Allow your apps to process natural language with pre-built scripts, evaluate sentiment and learn how to recognize what users want.


Convert speech into text and text into natural-sounding speech. Translate from one language to another and enable speaker verification and recognition.


Build apps that surface recommendations for informed and efficient decision-making.

Cognitive Service Containers

Container support in Azure Cognitive Services allows developers to use the same rich APIs that are available in Azure, and enables flexibility in where to deploy and host the services that come with Docker containers.

Cognitive Services for big data

The Cognitive Services for big data allows developers to use cognitive services within databases to apply intelligent algorithms over large datasets