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Global AI Conference

Join this event to learn the basics, and hear from professionals, students and educators around the world on the projects they are doing in the area of AI.

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  • Build your own Copilot with Azure AI Studio

    Dive into Azure AI Studio - a cutting-edge code-first experience to build generative AI applications, including enterprise chat and custom copilots. (From Microsoft Ignite.)

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  • Make Azure AI Real: Exploring Azure OpenAI Service

    In this lab, learn about the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service and learn how to use and customize natural language generative AI models like GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT.

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  • End-to-End AI App Development: Prompt Engineering to LLMOps

    This Microsoft Ignite session offers a comprehensive guide to Azure AI's latest features that simplify the AI application development cycle.

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  • Build your AI First Apps with Semantic Kernel

    How to create a cross platform app about answering riddles and guessing landmarks. These riddles and landmarks are generated by AI. All powered by Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI / OpenAI's models such as GPT-4, DALL-E 2 and ada.

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  • AI & ML tech community

    Connect with the community to find answers, ask questions, and build skills to help empower your AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud.

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  • "AI for everyone" learning room

    Skill up on AI with the help of experts and peers in this dedicated and safe environment. Dive deep into topic-specific questions via asynchronous discussions and virtual sessions.

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  • Global AI community

    Discover AI communities worldwide, engage with peers who share similar interests, stay updated with weekly news, or establish your own user group.

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  • Azure AI Discord

    Connect and chat with other developers about AI on Azure.

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Catch up on AI events

  • 12 Dec 2023 | Global AI Conference

    Jump into the worldwide livestream, check out a local conference in person, or chat and connect with experts and learn about AI in community.

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  • 11 Jan - 25 Jan 2024 | Microsoft AI Tour

    Join Microsoft product and engineering experts, industry disrupters, and cutting-edge partners to share ideas and unleash creativity with the power of AI and Microsoft Azure at this free event.

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  • 19 Oct - 7 Dec 2023 | Make Azure AI Real

    AI livestream series focused on AI technical content from experts at Microsoft.

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