Advanced Messaging for WhatsApp in Azure Communication Services

Azure Communication Services enables you to send and receive WhatsApp messages using the Azure Communication Services Messaging SDK. You can use this SDK to engage in conversations with customers for product inquiry and customer service scenarios. You can also use it to send messages such as appointment reminders, shipping updates, two-factor authentication, and other notification scenarios.


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Advanced Messaging for WhatsApp features

The key features of Azure Communications Services Advanced Messaging for WhatsApp include:

  • Create new or connect existing WhatsApp Business Accounts to Azure Communication Services.
  • Participate in conversations with WhatsApp users world-wide.
  • Support for business-initiated and customer-initiated conversations.
  • Initiate conversations with WhatsApp users using templates.
  • Reply to user’s inquiries and trigger automation using Azure Event Grid notifications.
  • Receive delivery reports for messages sent, delivered, and read.

Next steps

The following documents help you get started with Advanced Messaging for WhatsApp: