SMS concepts


SMS capabilities depend on the phone number you use and the country that you're operating within as determined by your Azure billing address. For more information, visit the Subscription eligibility documentation.

Azure Communication Services enables you to send and receive SMS text messages using the Communication Services SMS SDKs. These SDKs can be used to support customer service scenarios, appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, and other real-time communication needs. Communication Services SMS allows you to reliably send messages while exposing deliverability and response metrics.

Key features of Azure Communication Services SMS SDKs include:

  • Simple setup experience for adding SMS capability to your applications.
  • High Velocity message support over toll free numbers and short codes for A2P (Application to Person) use cases in the United States.
  • Bulk Messaging supported to enable sending messages to multiple recipients at a time.
  • Two-way conversations to support scenarios like customer support, alerts, and appointment reminders.
  • Reliable Delivery with real-time delivery reports for messages sent from your application.
  • Analytics to track your SMS usage patterns.
  • Opt-Out handling support to automatically detect and respect opt-outs for toll-free numbers. Opt-outs for US toll-free numbers are mandated and enforced by US carriers.

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