Observability in Azure Container Apps

Azure Container Apps provides several built-in observability features that together give you a holistic view of your container app’s health throughout its application lifecycle. These features help you monitor and diagnose the state of your app to improve performance and respond to trends and critical problems.

These features include:

Feature Description
Log streaming View streaming system and console logs from a container in near real-time.
Container console Connect to the Linux console in your containers to debug your application from inside the container.
Azure Monitor metrics View and analyze your application's compute and network usage through metric data.
Application logging Monitor, analyze, and debug your app using log data.
Azure Monitor Log Analytics Run queries to view and analyze your app's system and application logs.
Azure Monitor alerts Create and manage alerts to notify you of events and conditions based on metric and log data.


While not a built-in feature, Azure Monitor Application Insights is a powerful tool to monitor your web and background applications. Although Container Apps doesn't support the Application Insights auto-instrumentation agent, you can instrument your application code using Application Insights SDKs.

Application lifecycle observability

With Container Apps observability features, you can monitor your app throughout the development-to-production lifecycle. The following sections describe the most effective monitoring features for each phase.

Development and test

During the development and test phase, real-time access to your containers' application logs and console is critical for debugging issues. Container Apps provides:


Once you deploy your container app, continuous monitoring helps you quickly identify problems that occur around error rates, performance, and resource consumption.

Azure Monitor gives you the ability to track your app with the following features:


Container Apps manages updates to your container app by creating revisions. You can run multiple revisions concurrently in blue green deployments or to perform A/B testing. These observability features help you monitor your app across revisions:

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