Discover performance recommendations with Code Optimizations using Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview)

Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) can provide Code Optimizations for Application Insights resources that have an active Application Insights Profiler. This lets you view recommendations tailored to your app to help optimize its performance.

When you ask Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) to provide these recommendations, it automatically pulls context from an open Application Insights blade or App Service blade to display available recommendations specific to that app. If the context isn't clear, you'll be prompted to choose an Application Insights resource from a resource selector page.


The tasks and sample prompts listed here show a few of the areas where Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) can be especially helpful. However, this is not a complete list of all the things you can do. We encourage you to experiment with your own prompts and see how Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) can help you manage your Azure resources and environment.


Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) requires registration and is currently available only to approved enterprise customers and partners. For more information, see Limited access to Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview).

Sample prompts

Here are a few examples of the kinds of prompts you can use with Code Optimizations. Modify these prompts based on your real-life scenarios, or try additional prompts about specific areas for optimization.

  • "Show my code performance recommendations"
  • "Any available app code optimizations?"
  • "Code optimizations in my app"
  • "My app code is running slow"
  • "Make my app faster with a code change"


In this example, Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) responds to the prompt, "Any code performance optimizations?" The response notes that there are 6 recommendations, providing the option to view either the top recommendation or all recommendations at once.

Screenshot of Microsoft Copilot for Azure responding to a question about code optimizations.

When the Review all option is selected, Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) displays all recommendations. You can then select any recommendation to see more details.

Next steps