Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) capabilities

Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) amplifies your impact with AI-enhanced operations.


Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) requires registration and is currently available only to approved enterprise customers and partners. For more information, see Limited access to Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview).

Perform tasks

Use Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) to perform many basic tasks. There are many things you can do! Take a look at these articles to learn about some of the scenarios in which Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) can be especially helpful.

Get information

From anywhere in the Azure portal, you can ask Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) to explain more about Azure concepts, services, or offerings. You can ask questions to learn which services are best suited for your workloads, or learn which configurations best meet your budgets, security, and scale requirements. Copilot can guide you to the right user experience or even author scripts and other artifacts that you can use to deploy your solutions. Answers are grounded in the latest Azure documentation, so you can get up-to-date guidance just by asking a question.

Asking questions to understand more can be especially helpful when you're troubleshooting problems. Describe the problem, and Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) will provide some suggestions on how you might be able to resolve the issue. For example, you can say things like "Cluster stuck in upgrading state while performing update operation" or "Azure database unable to connect from Power BI". You'll see information about the problem and possible resolution options.

Rather than searching for a service to open, simply ask Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) to open the service for you. If you can't remember the exact name, you'll see some suggestions and can choose the right one, or ask Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) to explain more.

Manage portal settings

Use Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) to confirm your settings selection or change options, without having to open the Settings pane. For example, you can ask Copilot which Azure themes are available, then have it apply the one you choose.

Current limitations

While Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) can perform many types of tasks, it's important to understand what not to expect. In some cases, Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) might not be able to complete your request. In these cases, you'll generally see an explanation along with more information about how you can carry out the intended action.

Keep in mind these current limitations:

  • For each user, interactions are currently limited to ten questions per conversation, and five conversations per day.
  • Some responses that display lists will be limited to the top five items.
  • For some tasks and queries, using a resource's name will not work, and the Azure resource ID must be provided.
  • Microsoft Copilot for Azure (preview) is currently available in English only.

Next steps